Better Outcomes Through Improved Drug Delivery

About Endurx

EnduRx, a virtual, pre-clinical company, is developing a peptide-directed nanoparticle drug delivery platform and therapeutics for hard-to-treat solid tumors and selected other indications.

Drug delivery

EnduRx therapeutic candidates are polymeric nanoparticles designed to achieve tumor-specific delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) that internalize into cells throughout the tumor parenchyma while avoiding healthy tissue.

Published foundational studies by an accomplished institutional team showed significant tumor volume reduction and sometimes complete tumor elimination. EnduRx is building on these studies to develop nanoparticles with improved efficacy, safety and robustness.

Tumor-specific delivery of highly-toxic chemotherapy agents and other APIs would offer reduced systemic toxicity and thereby improve both drug efficacy and patient experience. Improved patient experience can increase compliance well as quality-of-life during treatment, potentially further improving outcomes.



Triple-negative breast cancer and other solid tumors

Currently funded by a DoD CDMRP Breast Cancer Program grant that EnduRx shares with an accomplished breast cancer team at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, this program targets a ubiquitous mitochondrial protein that translocates to the surface of cells in the tumor microenvironment. Pre-clinical work is underway with IND-enabling work planned through 2023 and first-in-human dosing in 2024.


Ovarian cancer and
peritoneal carcinomatosis 

Anticipated non-dilutive funding will launch this program, a collaboration with a noted ovarian cancer team at MD Anderson Cancer Center, utilizing intraperitoneal administration to facilitate tumor-specific delivery of API’s optimized for this indication.


Glioblastoma and other brain tumors

Future funding will launch this program, building on foundational work by a distinguished researcher then at the Salk Institute, to develop a candidate able to cross the blood-brain barrier and reach and treat these tumor types. First-in-human Phase 0 trials at a leading brain tumor clinic are anticipated once the candidate molecule has shown efficacy in animal models.


Reduction of atherosclerotic plaque

Anticipated funding will launch this program, building on published foundational research that demonstrated reduction of atherosclerotic plaque by targeting its macrophage component, a non-lipid approach that offers the possibility of a first-in-class treatment for this widespread condition.


Collaborations to improve delivery of existing approved therapeutics

The EnduRx peptide-directed polymeric nanoparticle platform technology offers the potential to improve tumor-specific delivery of a range other approved therapeutics and developmental candidates. EnduRx seeks collaborations with other companies interested in application of our drug delivery platform to their molecule.


Our Team

EnduRx is led by a team of experienced life science executives and scientists with relevant domain knowledge.

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As a virtual pre-clinical company, EnduRx utilizes resources across the US in locations including Boston, Memphis, Houston, Tucson, Phoenix and Scottsdale, San Diego and elsewhere.  

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